I’m Rami. I’ve been involved with pottery for two years now and I’m feeling no desire to slow down. Plants have been a passion of mine for far longer, and the synthesis of the two has been extremely fulfilling. I make planters from tiny to large that hold airplants, cacti, and succulents. I enjoy finding neglected, overgrown cactus assortments and individualizing all of the gorgeous growth. I provide unique displays for the oft-neglected smaller size plants. Each planter is a unique exploration  — a conversation with the clay and with the plants themselves.

In addition to planters I’m also hard at work with my other passion — cooking! My wonderful water-seal fermenting crocks make delicious kimchi or sauerkraut in an affordable, long-lasting vessels. My earthenware moroccan cooking tagines allow for delicious 3-hour feasts with low fuss. But act fast if you see any avaialble, they’re always in limited supply as I enjoy hoarding them for personal use.

I’m a lifelong auto-didact with a passion for testing the limits and personal empowerment. I aim to create inspiring work that challenges norms and flirts with failure. Email me and chat with me about anything. Seriously.

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